I. executive ex‧ec‧u‧tive 1 [ɪgˈzekjtɪv] noun [countable]
1. JOBS someone who has an important job as a manager in a company or business:

• She is Scottish Power's most senior woman executive.

• a senior executive with a major pharmaceuticals company

• One of the BBC's top executives was working under a freelance contract.

— see also Active Corps of Executives
acˈcount exˌecutive written abbreviation AE JOBS
an executive who works for an advertising agency and deals directly with clients, communicating their ideas to the company and making sure that their accounts are managed in a satisfactory way:

• An account executive will be expected to know when a client can see the proofs of the latest press advertisement.

ˈadvertising exˌecutive JOBS
a senior person in an advertising agency:

• a dynamic young advertising executive

ˌchief exˈecutive JOBS
1. the person who has the highest position in a company or other organization and who makes all the important decisions about how it is run:

• The corporation's new chairman and chief executive says that he intends to create three completely separate divisions.

2. JOBS the Chief Executive the President of the United States
ˌlegal exˈecutive JOBS LAW
someone who works in a law firm, preparing cases and advising clients, but who has not studied and trained to be a lawyer:

• She took a post as a trainee legal executive with a firm of solicitors.

2. the executive the part of a government responsible for taking decisions on policy, running the government etc, rather than for making laws:

• an audit on behalf of both the legislative and the executive

3. a government organization responsible for deciding policy and taking decisions to do with one particular thing
ˌHealth and ˈSafety Exˌecutive [singular]
a government organization in Britain that controls the risks to people's health and safety from work activities:

• The Health and Safety Executive has published three free guidance leaflets for chemical manufacturers.

— compare Occupational Safety and Health Administration
4. the group of people in a political organization, society etc that make the rules and make sure that they work in the way that was planned:

• The executive deferred a decision on his future until mid-January.

• a meeting of the Labour party executive

ˌnational exˈecutive
an executive representing all the parts of a political organization etc within a country:

• the National Executive of the Labour Party

  [m0] II. executive executive 2 adjective [only before a noun]
1. connected with making decisions and managing and organizing things, especially within a company or government:

• Some of the members of the executive board decided to rethink the organizational culture.

• When he reached the company's retirement age of 60, he decided to give up his executive duties.

• the legislative and executive functions of government

2. for the use of people who have important jobs in the management of a company or business:

• The Falcon 20 is one of the most versatile executive jets (= small jet planes for the use of a company's top managers ) flying in the world today.

• the executive lounge at Heathrow airport

• the executive dining room

3. expensive and designed for people who earn a lot of money:

• For an executive car, the BMW's depreciation is relatively low.

* * *

executive UK US /ɪgˈzekjətɪv/ noun [C]
(INFORMAL exec) MANAGEMENT someone who has an important position in business, making decisions and putting them into action: »

World Economic Forum is an annual meeting in Switzerland at which political leaders and business executives discuss economic issues.


a high-ranking/senior/top executive


an advertising/marketing/oil executive


company/corporate/industry executives


a financial/sales executive

a group of people who run an organization: »

The executive of the health workers' union accepted the proposed pay increase on behalf of their members.

the executive — Cf. the executive
See also ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE(Cf. ↑account executive), CHIEF EXECUTIVE(Cf. ↑chief executive), THE HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE(Cf. ↑the Health and Safety Executive), LEGAL EXECUTIVE(Cf. ↑legal executive), NATIONAL EXECUTIVE(Cf. ↑national executive)
executive UK US /ɪgˈzekjətɪv/ adjective [before noun]
relating to making decisions and managing businesses or government: executive decision/duty »

An executive decision was made to move to another site.


The organizational pyramid had executive management at the top and supervisors and employees at the bottom.

having or relating to the power to take action on decisions: executive authority/leadership/power »

Reshaping the culture of the corporation around the needs of the entire enterprise requires executive leadership.


The IMF is fully accountable to its membership, through the 24-member executive board.

Compare NON-EXECUTIVE(Cf. ↑non-executive)
relating to executives (= important people in a company who make decisions): »

an executive appointment/job/position


executive bonuses/pay/salary


They appointed a relocation officer at executive level.


The interview board considered that the candidate was definitely executive material.

suitable for people with important jobs in business: »

an executive jet


He had a drink in the airport executive lounge before boarding his flight.


He worked in the executive suite at Northwest Airlines.

expensive and of a high quality: »

an executive car/flat/home

See Note EXPENSIVE(Cf. ↑expensive)

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